VH-GSE  Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman            (c/n  249)

                                   BY the time Ben Dannecker took the above image, VH-GSE along with its stablemate -GSF had
                                   left Gibbes Sepik to do a turn at crop dusting in NSW.  Bob Neate saw it in the hangar (below) at
                                   Narromine, NSW  in November 1963.        VH-BSE was the former  VH-ASN which had been
                                   released from the RAAF (where it served as A71-5) at the end of 1951.   It was reregistered into
                                   the Gibbes Sepik sequence as VH-GSE in 1960.   When Bobby Gibbes sold out to Mandated the
                                   Norseman passed to Ansett-MAL when ATA took over that latter carrier.  -GSE was then acquired
                                   by Pay & Williamson of  Narromine, and  was one of three they converted into very successful crop-
                                   dusters.  It was destroyed in a crash near Armidale, NSW in September 1966.   At the foot of the
                                   page is a rare, albeit somewhat blurry shot from the Fred Niven collection of -GSE in full Ansett-MAL