VH-GMA  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                  (c/n  1057)


                              In 1958 a new operator appeared on the scene at Moorabbin, Melbourne's GA airport, namely
                              that of the McKenzie Flying School.  It was owned and operated by Gertrude ('Gertie') McKenzie,
                              hence the -GM series.   In competition with the long established Royal Victorian AeroClub, it
                              commenced business with three Tiger Moths named 'Faith', 'Hope' and 'Charity'.  They were all
                              recently demobbed and refurbished RAAF Tigers.  VH-GMA was ex A17-726.  From memory,
                              the acronym for the 'M.O.B.A.' on the cowling was "My Own Bloody Aircraft".  Presumably Ms.
                              McKenzie had (either current at the time, or previously) owned three other aircraft.     The school
                             didn't last long and by the early 1960's it was gone.      VH-GMA went on to become the second
                             VH-BIJ, which was airworthy into the new millennium.      Barrie Colledge took a nice color shot
                             also at Moorabbin (below) of -GMA in its prime.