VH-GLG  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth    (c/n  330/T260)


                                 This was the former Superspread Pty machine Ltd  VH-SSK.  It was owned, at the time, by
                                 G. L. Gangell, who also owned another Tiger, VH-GLH.    -GLG originally saw service with
                                 the RAAF as A17-311, and was civilianized in 1946 as VH-AQI with the Tasmanian Aero
                                 Club. (As such, I had actually flown it, back in 1952).  .Anyway, my shot of it as -GLG above
                                 was taken at Moorabbin in 1957.       A year later it appears to have returned to Tassie and
                                 sported a canopy, (and very poor Gs in the rego) in the shot seen immediately below from the
                                 John Hopton collection.  Geoff Goodall saw it again at Stawell, Victoria some ten years later
                                 (foot of the page), in much better shape, and retaining the canopy.  It is still on the active register,
                                 based in South Australia.