VH-GIL (2)     DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                   (c/n  C1-0091)


                                      This hangar shot of a Gilgandra Aero Club Chipmunk is from the Geoff Goodall collection, and was
                                      probably taken around 1962, just before it was sold to the South Coast Aero Club as VH-BAW.
                                      It had originally come onto the register in 1957 (ex WB651) as VH-GAM.   Following a crash on
                                      the perimeter of Mendooran airfield when it ran into a fence, the club re-registered it to their "primo"
                                      rego of VH-GIL (the second) in 1958, this marking having been relinquished by its former bearer,
                                      a Tiger Moth (of course).   It crashed again as VH-BAW and its right wing was used in the cons-
                                      truction of Gary Volkers' "bastardized" Chipmunk VH-MMR.    This latter aircraft is now in storage
                                      at the Quuensland Air Musu=eum and is reputed to be eventually restored as VH-RVV.