VH-BAW  (3)   DHC-1  Chipmunk T.10                           (c/n  C1/0091)


                                   Interesting shot by Geoff Goodall at Bankstown in 1963 whilst the Chipmunk was with the South
                                   Coast A/C.   I don't think I've ever seen a photograph of a Chipmunk next to a Wackett Trainer
                                   before.   As can be seen, the Wackett was a tad larger overall.  (Incidently, VH-AKF went to
                                   Bankstown about that time ostensibly to be converted into a YA-1 Cropmaster).    VH-BAW
                                   had come onto the Australian civil register as VH-GAM in 1957 to the Gilgandra Aero Club,
                                   having previously been with the RAF as WB651.   Following a nasty accident with a fence on
                                   the perimeter of Mendooran airfield, the club re-registered it VH-GIL (the second) in 1958.
                                   South Coast acquired it in 1962 and re-registered it VH-BAW.   It crashed at Wingabee Station,
                                   Coonambie, NSW on 27 January 1964, but whether any of it was salvageable or not I don't know.