VH-GEB  Sasin SA-29 Spraymaster                              (c/n B/F/370)


                                        By the mid to late 1960s the Tiger Moths being used for agricultural spraying and topdressing
                                        were nearing the end of their useful life, so Sasin Aircraft Service of Goulburn decided to convert
                                        Chipmunks to the role and contracted with Aerostructures of Bankstown to perform the modifi-
                                        cations.      VH-GEB was the third such conversion and is seen above in this image from the Geoff
                                        Goodall collection at Tintinara, SA in December 1967.    Its c/n was a corruption of the DH fuselage
                                        number "B/F/370".    It first flew as a SA-29 at Bankstown on 9 July 1966 and was based on the air-
                                        frame of the former Tasmanian Aero Club's VH-BSQ.   Ordered by Tim O'Neill's Tonair Pty Ltd,
                                        of Tintinara, SA, it was painted red and white, and departed for SA on 10 July 1966.   Somewhere
                                        around 1972 it was sold in the USA as N7DW and has since undergone even more mods to the
                                        point where today it is virtually unrecognizable as a Chipmunk!  (see below).