VH-GAF (1)   DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                           (c/n  C1-0083)


                                         The rego of this Goulburn Aero Club Chipmunk is barely discernible on the fin.  Photo taken at
                                         Goulburn in May 1962 by Dick Hourigan (via the Geoff Goodall collection).  The Cessna 150 in
                                         the background is VH-GAC, another of the club's aircraft at the time.  VH-GAF was formerly
                                         with the Canberra Aero Club as VH-BVQ  from December 1956 until acquired by Goulburn in
                                         August 1961.   GAC re-registered in VH-GAH(4) in June of 1963 when VH-GAF became a
                                         restricted registration,    It was sold by the club in November 193 to the Alice Springs Aero
                                         Cub wherein it became VH-AST.    When that identity was given to a Piper PA-32, this
                                         Chipmunk became VH-ASK.  It is currently registered to Heany Park Pty Ltd (trading as Air-
                                         craft Engine Works - Australia) of Glen Waverley, Melbourne and is currently under a rebuild
                                         still as VH-ASK.