VH-FPB  (1)  Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250                  (c/n  112)


                                     Some 21 Wackett Trainer airframes were converted to Cropmasters by Yeoman Aviation Pty.
                                     Ltd. at Bankstown.  VH-FPB is seen above at Bankstown in July 1963, a few days after its first
                                     test flight on 1st July in this nice shot by Eric Allen.    It was ordered by veteran agricultural pilot
                                     Fred Burke at Wagga, NSW under the name Agspray Wagga, although VH-FPB was registered
                                     to his other company Agricultural Aviation Pty Ltd also of Wagga.   Fred was not impressed by
                                     the Cropmaster and traded up the following year to a Grumman AgCat.  He sold the Cropmaster
                                     to Cecil Swift of Casino NSW who operated as Swiftair Aviation Services and re-registered it
                                     VH-SWC in April 1964, allowing Fred to allot -FPB to the new AgCat.   .