VH-FIJ  Beech A36 Bonanza                            ()c/n  E-227)


                                        Originally intended to be VH-EZV, that identity was not taken up despite it being painted on
                                        the tail    . Instead it became VH-FIJ with Flinders Island Airways at Moorabbin in July 1970.
                                        David Carter photographed it at Bankstown while it was awaiting delivery.   In October 1988
                                        it became VH-NYL based at Darwin. The following month, on November 25, it came to grief
                                        at Port Hurd when it landed on its belly. It was next subject to an accident report when it force
                                        landed on a beach near Milingimbi and the undamaged Bonanza became immersed in saltwater
                                        when the tide came in.  -NYL was still on register in August 2016, owned by Geoffrey Hunt
                                        who has a large fleet of aircraft based out of Darwin.