VH-EZV  Beech A36 Bonanza                                    (c/n  E-227)


                                     This is an enlargement from an interesting shot by Joihn Wheatley (see original panoramic view below)
                                     of a couple of Beech A36s being prepared for their Australian CsofA.   Bankstown, September 1970.
                                     The other A36 was VH-EZW and both had concurrent Beech delivery 'tail numbers' of N9015Q (for
                                     -EZW) and N9016Q for the above machine.  Now, oddly, my register shows that -EZV was not taken
                                     up, becoming VH-FIJ instead.  Clearly it was painted up as -EZV originally, though.  It was re-registered
                                     again in 1988 as VH-NYL, an identity it still flies under (in the Northern Territory) today.