VH-FDA (3)    Beagle B.206 Series 2                                 (c/n  B.052)


                                     Imported in 1967, this sleek twin was one of three similar machines operated by the Royal
                                     Flying Doctor Service for over a decade.  This example, of the NSW Division, was seen by
                                     Geoff Goodall at Broken Hill, NSW in October 1967 when the machine was virtually brand
                                     new.   Although reported in just about every historical record (including Beagle's own) as
                                     being c/n B.050, Ron Cuskelly has done some in depth sleuthing and it would appear that the
                                     first two RFDS Beagle 206s to be imported had their VH- identities transposed upon arrival
                                     in Australia.    VH-FDA was, in fact, ex G-AVCH, while G-AVAN (c/n B.050), and the first
                                     to arrive, actually became VH-FDB..    After over a decade of service with the RFDS, and
                                     while on a delivery flight back to the UK on 6 December 1978, VH-FDA crashed about one
                                     mile from the Benitses coast off the Greek island of Corfu, after hitting a flock of seagulls on
                                     take off.   The two crew escaped but the aircraft was lost.   Some sources state that it was
                                     VH-FDB (B.050) which crashed at Corfu.    However, B.050 which was registered N68S
                                     in the US on 18 July 1979, seven months after B.052 had come to grief on the Greek island,
                                     so clearly -FDA (B.052) must have been the aircraft which crashed.