VH-FBX  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth            (c/n  DNA944/T179)


                                        This was formerly VH-RSF (ex Royal Aero Club of NSW), re-registered to VH-FBX on
                                        24 June 1958 when the club disposed of it.  It wasn't sold until exactly a year later, when it
                                        was picked up by the Illawarra Flying School.  Later Illawarra requested it be re-registered
                                        into the VH-FA series for the school's parent company, Fawcett Aviation and it officially
                                        became VH-FAH on 18 December 1962.  Greg Banfield's photo above was taken at Banks-
                                        town on 30 December 1962, indicating that the painter had not, by then, gotten around to
                                        repainting it!