VH-FAH (2)  de havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth               (c/n  DHA944/T179)


                                        This photo of the second VH-FAH was taken by Barrie Colledge at an air show at RAAF Point
                                        Cook in December 1973.   Formerly A17-521 this Tiger was civilianized for the Royal Aero Club
                                        of NSW as VH-RSF and then re-registered VH-FBX when sold off to the Illawarra Flying School
                                        (Fawcett Aviation) in 1958.  It was re-registered again by Fawcetts in 1962 into the FA series used
                                        by their Illawarra Flying School branch, the original -FAH having long since been re-registered -TSA.
                                        It then had a number of private owners and is still current, being registered to an owner in Bendigo.
                                        Greg Banfield's gorgeous color shot below was at Camden in January 1969.     The logo on the fin
                                        says 'Tiger Club'   See enlargement below.