VH-EWD  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                       (c/n  9811)


                                This was formerly VH-AEZ with Trans Australia Airlines, and acquired by East West in 1955. 
                                It was sold when the Fokker F-27s started to arrive in numbers and  re-registered VH-BAM.
                                The above image is by Jim Dyson, via the David Molesworth collection, and illustrates the
                                revised livery adopted by EWA in the late 1950s.   Immedisately below is a color image by
                                Robert Zweck at Mascot in 1960,  and following that appear two more "variations of a theme"
                                both taken by Greg Banfield at Mascot in 1964.  The upper one in February, just before yet
                                another livery change was made in that year, culling the titling to "EWA": and returning the
                                national flag to the fin (lower shot taken in September 1964).