VH-EQF  Thorpe T.111 Skyscooter                              (c/n  9)


                                         Originally to have been VH-CON (as the second machine assembled by Descon, VH-DES being
                                         the first) this Skyscooter was re-assigned the rego VH-EQF.  It was registered in November 1969
                                         and, like VH-DES, its c/n was changed by the builder (to N-21), although whether DCA ever recog-
                                         nized that or not on the CofR is academic, since the aircraft was written off in a crash at Wedderburn,
                                         NSW, on 31 October 1991.   Greg Banfield's shot (above) was taken at Bankstown on 11 January
                                         1970, when the little aircraft was virtually brand new.