VH-DES  Thorpe T.111 Skyscooter                                       (c/n  8)


                                      This machine was also known as the Descon Skyscooter, hence the rego.   Its original c/n of 8
                                      was changed to N-13 on 7 October 1969, presumably by the home-builder, although CASA
                                      still gives it as '8'.        VH-DES is still current and has been owned for years by R. Macarthur-
                                      Onslow of Walcha NSW.     I am not sure if John Wheatley's shot above was taken after the
                                      unusual one by Greg Banfield below.  The latter, taken on 10 August 1969 shows the diminutive
                                      craft on a car dealer's lot at Chatswood, NSW where the it was being used as an advertising
                                      attraction.   I believe John's photo was probably taken after it had done its duty with the auto