VH-ENM  Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250                                 (c/n  111)


                                     Above is a nice Mike Vincent shot taken at Wee Waa, NSW in September 1976.   The wing-
                                     tip spotlights were for night spraying of cotton crops in the district.   VH-ENM was the former
                                     VH-DCC.    Geoff Goodall saw it at the same venue (below) a year earlier in June of 1975
                                     in among the long grass in company with another Everyready Airspray Yeoman, VH-CXS.
                                     In fact, the full original of this Geoff Goodall print is presented at the bottom of the page on the
                                     entry for VH-CXS.     VH-ENM was written off in a crash at Wee Waa in February 1978.