VH-EAF (1)  Lockheed 749A Constellation                                 (c/n  2504)


                                        This was the former VH-CQS, delivered to Air India in 1948.   It was sold to Qantas in 1951.
                                        The above shot was taken when the aircraft was being used for a Royal Tour in 1954.   It was
                                        sold to BOAC later that same year as G-ANTF.   It was leased to Transocean Airlines in
                                        1958 as N9816F and then to Capitol Airways in 1959.     When that non-sked when out of
                                        business BOAC repossessed it and leased it to ACE Freighters   It was eventually scrapped
                                        at Coventry's Baginton Airport in 1971.