VT-CQS  Lockheed L-749 Constellation                     (c/n  2504)


                                        J.R.D. Tata, as Chairman of the recently formed national Indian internal airline Air India, had the
                                        foresight to order long distance aircraft for a perceived prestigious route to London.  Air India
                                        International was formed in 1948 in which Air India owned 51% and the Indian government 49%.
                                        The first Constellation service was operated on 8 June 1948 from Bombay to London, via Cairo
                                        and Geneva.  Paris was soon added as an alternate stop as evidenced in this shot of VT-CQS
                                        "Mogul Princess"  at Orly in the late 1940s.  VT-CQS went to Qantas in 1951 as VH-EAF.