VH-DYI  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth         (c/n  DHA978)


                                     VH-DYI at Geraldton, WA in  September 1965 (an Alistair Coutts photo via Geoff Goodall).
                                     This was the former VH-BIW, civilianized in 1946 as an ambulance aircraft.  It was later con-
                                     verted to a sprayer by Doggett Aviation whereupon it became VH-DAP.  By the time the above
                                     shot was taken (it became VH-DYI in 1964) it had been converted back to a regular two seater
                                     and was owned by Dennis Yewers of Morowa, WA.   It May 1971 Geoff found it dismantled in
                                     a shed on owner Dennis Yewers' property, "Yongarloo" near Morowa WA. (foot of page).
                                     The wing fabric showing the registration was draped over the fuselage to give its identity.
                                     -DYI  had crashed on this property in July 1970 when it flew into the ground while on a short
                                     local flight late in the afternoon.  5 years later the wreck was sold to Keith Orrman of Shepparton,
                                     Victoria who rebuilt it as still as VH-DYI.  Danny Tanner saw it at Shepparton in November 1979
                                     (below).  The last register entry shows it as withdrawn from use in 1980.