VH-BIW  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth            (c/n  DHA978)


                                        These two shots of this  Tiger which had been converted to an aerial ambulance are from the
                                        Geoff Goodall collection..  Above, it is seen at Alice Springs circa 1954, and below, a close
                                        up of the stretcher handling modifications.   The aircraft was operated by Connellan Airways
                                        at the time. The conversion to an ambulance aircraft was made at Laverton in April 1945 while
                                        in RAAF service as A17-421.  It was then civilianized to Hamilton Downs Pastoral Co, Alice
                                        Springs, in 1946 who retained the ambulance mods. for medical emergencies at their remote
                                        cattle stations.     Connellan Airways acquired it in January 1951 to join their other ambulance
                                        Tiger VH-BAA.     In August 1958 VH-BIW went to West Australia in a deal that exchanged
                                        three Tiger Moths to go to Doggett Aviation, Perth for the Short Scion VH-UTV which Connellan
                                        Airways wanted for their Royal Flying Doctor Service contract at Alice Springs.   Doggett con-
                                        verted -BIW to an agricultural sprayer and it was re-registered VH-DAP.  It was later sold on
                                        as VH-DYI.