VH-DIM  Cessna 172D Skyhawk                                (c/n  127250521)


                                      VH-DIM was owned by B. Parker of Quanbatook, Victoria when Bob Neate took the above
                                      photo at Moorabbin in late 1963.  It had been imported (ex N2921U) by Schutt Aircraft Sales
                                      & Service on 13 November 1963 and sold to Parker a scant week later.    The VH-DI block
                                      was allocated to Rex Aviation and its Cessna dealers around Australia and over several months
                                      of 1963 filled with new production Cessnas, signaling the boom era of American single engined
                                      aircraft sales.    The VH-DJ and -DK blocks went to new Cessnas well into 1964.    VH-DIM
                                      was re-registered VH-PIP in October 1964 when sold to Pip Borrman of Swan Hill Vic.
                                      In 2006 it was acquired by Mulligan Drilling Pty Ltd and re-registered VH-SQK an identity it
                                      retains today (2010).