VH-DDG  Fairchild 24W-41A Argus II           (c/n   837)


                                   Another Lend lease Argus which found its way to Australia arrived in December 1954, having
                                   been civilianized in the U.K. as G-AJSG (former RAF HB600).    [The first VH-DDG, a Moth
                                   Minor had only just been  re-registered VH-TNT at the time].   This second iteration of the rego
                                   was imported by David Gray and Co P/L of Maylands, Perth and registered in January 1955.
                                   It was used in support of their aerial agricutural fleet of Tiger Moths.    My shot (above) was
                                   taken at Bankstown shortly after it arrived.  The image below, from the Geoff Goodall collection
                                   shows it at Maylands in May 1958 at the time of its sale to Berrinvale Grazing Co, of  'Hill Spring'
                                   Station via Carnarvon WA.   In 1958 VH-DDG was  re-registered VH-EMF and then, less than
                                   a year later, VH-EMP.