VH-DAX   Edgar Percival EP-9                                 (c/n  40)


                                      This shot of VH-DAX was taken at Jandakot in April 1965 by Alistair Coutts.  This EP-9
                                      was originally registered as VH-TCA.   It came to an unusual end when after being sold in
                                      1967 to Mike Sasin, t/a Sasin Aircraft of Geraldton, WA (of Sasin Aerostructures SA-29
                                      Chipmunk ag-conversion fame - see VH-SJD).      Satin loaned the EP-9 to Keith Wilkin,
                                      manager of Hammersley Station, near Wittenoom, WA while Sasin was repairing Wilkin's
                                      Cessna 172A VH-AWG.   This had struck a vehicle on a bush track while low flying. Soon
                                      after (7 April 1968) Wilkin lost control of the EP-9 when landing at 'Juna Downs' near
                                      Wittenoom and overturned.     He sustained minor injuries, as did his lady passenger who
                                      was riding in the hopper.    A large hole was promptly excavated in the ground at the spot
                                      and the EP-9 wreck was burned.   Sound like an insurance nightmare to me!