VH-SJD  Sasin-Aerostructures SA-29 Spraymaster            (c/n   C1-0438)

                                    This photo illustrates the short-lived Sasin-Aerostructures SA-29 Spraymaster prototype.
                                    It is seen at Bankstown in August 1965 in this shot from the Geoff Goodall collection.  It
                                    was constructed at Bankstown from the fuselage of Chipmunk F-OAOL (ex WG351)
                                    and wings and other parts of VH-AMB.  Its CofA was issued on 1 September 1965 but
                                    it crashed the following day at Goulburn, NSW while on a local flight before having flown
                                    a single agricultural sortie.   It was being flown by Mr. A. Cummins of the local flying school
                                    when the fuel supply cut-out on climb-out.  The aircraft dived vertically into the ground, and
                                    the pilot was seriously injured.   The c/n for this prototype has been given from various
                                    sources as C1-0383, being the c/n of  VH-AMB, whose fuselage was not, in the event,
                                    used as the main piece.  Two 'production' aircraft were later delivered to Bob Couper Pty
                                    Ltd of Cunderdin (VH-BCA and VH-GEB).