VH-CWS (4)  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                  (c/n  9286)


                                          This Douglas C-47A WW2 veteran saw extensive airline service after it was civilianized, first with
                                          Qantas as VH-EAM, then with East-West as VH-EWA and VH-EWF.  When sold off by EWA
                                          it was re-registered VH-PWN and saw further scheduled service with Bush Pilots Airways and Air
                                          Queensland before being sold to Pioneer Adventures Ltd in New Zealand where it became ZK-AMS. 
                                          Pionair then sold it in the new millennium back in Australia to Classic Wings Pty Ltd as VH-CWS.
                                          Ian McDonell took the above shot of it at Maitland, NSW in June 2009.   It looks like it may have
                                          been repossessed by the bank and is possibly up for sale?