VH-CRT  Beech D18S                                        (c/n  A-808)

         Imported in the days when the spending of US dollars was still  restricted, Theiss Brothers Pty
                                   Ltd, a large Victorian contracting company obviously were able to pull strings enabling them to
                                   purchase this near-new D18S.   The aircraft was previously N721D and arrived at Essendon late
                                   in 1956.   The photo above, from The Collection p0617-0362-047 shows the Twin Beech in
                                   its original paint scheme, circa 1957.  Greg Banfield's shot at Mascot (below) was in November
                                   1965 when the aircraft had adopted an overall painted scheme with a white top and tail mounted
                                   rego.  In June 1967 VH-CRT was re-registered as VH-FIE, after being sold to Flinders Island
                                   Airlines.. This 55 year old plus classic in still current and is registered to a company in Adelaide.