VH-CPT  Piper PA-25 Pawnee 235B                  (c/n   25-2997)


                                     Ian Dunn established Dunn's Aviation at Ballidu WA in 1968 with Callairs.  In 1975 he imported
                                     three Pawnee 235s from New Zealand, which were shipped to Adelaide for assembly at Parafield
                                     in March of 1975 and ferried to WA, the trio arriving, no-radio, at Jandakot on 4 April 1975:.
                                     They were:
                                                                        ZK-CID    to   VH-CPT
                                                                        ZK-CNA  to   VH-CPU
                                                                        ZK-CEN   to   VH-CPV

                                   Geoff Goodall took the above shot of the lineup of the 3 Kiwi Pawnees at Jandakot in April 1975
                                   after they had been re-assembled.   Geoff did not provide me an individual shot of -CPT marked
                                   as such, although  it does appear in the line up image of all three taken at Jandakot in 1978 (see
                                   the next entry for VH-CPU).   Remote Ballidu, some 250 km north of Perth was probably not a
                                   venue visited more than once or twice, and doubtless -CPT was off on its spraying duties at some
                                   remote outlying station by the time Geoff paid a visit!    VH-CPT was written off in an accident near
                                   Cudal, NSW in January 1986.  It is, therefore, remotely possible that some other keen spotter took
                                   a shot of it after it left West Aussie, although for pure tenacity in obtaining photos at remote locations,
                                   Goodall must surely hold the crown. .