VH-CNO (1)   Champion 7EC Traveler                     (c/n  7EC-654)


                                              A rare Box Brownie shot of VH-CNO at Cootamundra in 1959 by Ben Dannecker.  The diminutive
                                              aircraft was in service with the Cootamundra Flying Club.  This was in the days when Champion
                                              Aircraft painted their registrations in 'package crate' stencil script.      I have photos of many U.S.
                                              registered ones like it.  (Incidentally I have enlarged the rego section below).    The Traveler had
                                              been imported the previous year as a new production aircraft by Australian agents Fawcett Aviation
                                              of Bankstown and registered VH-CNC in September 1958.  It was sold to the Cootamundra Flying
                                              Club on 9 March 1959, but with a newer 7EC on its way by sea from USA, Fawcett re-registered
                                              it the same day as VH-CNO to allow their preferred registration VH-CNC to be used again on the
                                              new machine (7EC-689) in May 1959.     Ben's photo, therefore, was taken between March and
                                              August 1959.   At that latter date the Club re-registered it VH-CFS, when the company name was
                                              changed to Cootamundra Flying School.       In June 1967 it was re-registered again, this time to
                                              VH-PTP.     Both it and 7EC-689, VH-CNC are still flying.
                                              In his publication Cootamundra Aerodrome, Ben Dannecker records: "Pilot training at Coota-
                                              mundra recommenced with Wagga Flying School using Tiger Moths and Chipmunks with
                                              Mr. A. Coote as instructor.   In March 1959 the Club purchased its own aircraft, a Champion
                                              7EC VH-CNO and Mr. Coote became permanent instructor.    The Club flourished under the
                                              Presidency of Mr. Frank de Britt, but due to the mercurial nature of aviation finances, the
                                              club ceased operations in the early 1960s."