VH-CFF (1)   Beech  35-C33 Debonair                  (c/n  CD-818)


                                       Another Mobil-Moomba Air race of 1966 contender.   It had been on the register for about
                                       a year prior to the race.      Imported by Beech agents Civil Flying Services of Melbourne in
                                       March 1965, it was soon sent to attend an air show at Horsham to be demonstrated to potential
                                       customers in western Victoria.   Geoff Goodall's shot of it (below) was taken at that time and
                                       venue.. It was re-registered VH-CEH in November 1966, to allow Civil Flying Services to use
                                       VH-CFF on a new Musketeer (see following entry).  As of 2012 it is still currently registered
                                       and based at Moorabbin.