VH-CDZ   Douglas DC-2-115G                   (c/n  1376)


                                     There are several photographs of this old bird on various websites.  I'll use just two images here
                                     to illustrate it:   mine (above) taken at Bankstown outside Sid Marshall's hangar in May of 1954
                                     and that of Rod Adams (below, via Geoff Goodall), almost a decade later (Jan 1963) at the same
                                     venue.  This aircraft was originally delivered to the Dutch East Indies KNILM as PK-AFL and
                                     then escaped to Australia in the wake of the Japanese advance on the islands in 1942.   There, it
                                     was impressed into service as a C-32A and civilianized again in 1944, going to Australian National
                                     Airways as VH-ADZ 'Mengaga'.  It was sold and re-registered as VH-CDZ in 1949.  It was later
                                     sold off in the US and became N8486D of the Confederate Air Force but what became of it after
                                     that is not known.