VH-CDS  Auster J/5B  Autocar                                          (c/n   2951)


   The above photo was taken by Geoff Goodall at Parafield circa 1964.  Bob Neate's photo below
                                 was somewhat earlier at Bathurst, NSW in 1961.
  By 1967, when it was seen by Peter Limon at
                                 Alice Springs, (foot of the page)  it was looking decidedly decrepit.   By that time it had been with-
                                 drawn from use for a couple of years.  The former VH-ADU, VH-AJP and VH-TMD, VH-CDS
                                 was given this identity in August 1960.   I believe it was later restored, but cancelled from use again
                                 in 1997.