VH-CDC  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                  (c/n  16435)


                                                This photo was taken by Eric Allen, (The Collection p1789-0021) at Bankstown in 1960,
                                                just before the aircraft was sold in Israel as 4X-AOB.  It was first civilianized in April 1960
                                                and was one of three similar machines overhauled by Fawcett Aviation for Aeroquipment
                                                of Australia and given the regos VH-CDA/B/C for sale overseas.   Just why the Australian
                                                registration was painted on so crudely is inclear, and, in the event, it was repainted as 4X-AOB
                                                somewhat more neatly before it left Sydney.      Perhaps it had been envisaged delivering it as
                                                VH-CDC and due to the still, by then, jittery nature prevailing in Isreal of "strange" aircraft
                                                entering their airspace they did not want lack of identity to be a problem!      VH-CDA and
                                                VH-CDC  both went to the IDFAF (through actual sales to Israeli Aircraft Industries), while
                                                VH-CDB wound up going to the the Royal Cambodian Air Force.