VH-CBW   (1)    Cessna 172C Skyhawk                                 (c/n  49044)


                                     This was Cheynes Beach Whaling Co's first Cessna floatplane (the others were VH-CBH and
                                     VH-CBL).      It was added to the register in January 1962, and was ostensibly ex N1344Y
                                     although may have been painted up as -CBW in Wichita.  The floats were the non-amphibious
                                     type and the shot above, from the Geoff Goodall collection shows it being lifted from the water
                                     by a crane after landing on the Swan River alongside the old Maylands Aerodrome in March
                                     1962.  After two years work as a whale spotter at Albany it was replaced by CBH, and fitted
                                     with a conventional undercarriage.  It was then sold to the Royal Aero Club of WA at Perth as
                                     VH-RWG.    Sold by the club, it had several other WA owners and then, in July 1984, follow-
                                     ing a restoration, was resurrected as VH-CBW again, an identity it holds today, being registered
                                     to a private owner based at Broomehill, WA