VH-BZN   Convair 440-97  Metropolitan           (c/n  449)

                              VH-BZN, along with sister ship VH-BZO  was built by Convair in 1957 in anticipation of a
                              Scandinavian Airlines System follow-on order which did not materialize. Ansett-ANA acquired
                              them instead.  Note that the 'Metropolitan' label has been removed from the cabin top (where it
                              advertised the new type on VH-BZH) and placed in the roundel on the fuselage side. After
                              service with a number of ATA (Ansett Transport Industries) subsidiary airlines (see Fred Niven's
                              history at http://www.ansettinwa.org/Pages/fredspages/convairs.htm) it was sold in the USA in
                              1973 as N103KA.    Below is a nice color image of it from Peter Gates.