VH-BZJ   Douglas DC-3CS1C3G      (c/n  9740)


                               Here's -BZJ ('Anselina') in 1954 in front of the chain link fence at Essendon.  Depending on the
                               sun (time of day) it was sometimes better to take photographs looking north, rather than wander
                               out onto the tarmac and take them towards the terminal buildings.    This aircraft was built as a
                               C-47A-35-DL with serial number 42-23878.  It was civilianized in 1947 as VH-AMJ and then
                               re-registered as VH-RMJ in 1948.  It was sold in 1957 to the Armee de l'Air  (French Air Force)
                               as AF 7018, but not before having been painted with the revised livery in 1955 as my shot below
                               (also at Essendon) illustrates.  Atr the foot of the page is an image from the CAHS archives show-
                               ing -BZJ in the earlier, pre-1950 livery.  The flag-sign on the entry stairs indicates that the flight
                               would stop at  "Wagga - Sydney - Coffs Harbour - Brisbane".