VH-AMJ  (1)  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                     (c/n  9740)


                                       Rare shot of an Ansett DC-3 in the immediate post-war era.  Built as a C-47A-35-DL with serial
                                       number 42-23878, it was civilianized in 1947 as VH-AMJ and then re-registered as VH-RMJ in
                                       1948.  ("RM" were founder Reginald Ansett's initials).   For some reason, however, the whole
                                       Ansett fleet were re-registered again in 1949, and -RMJ became VH-BZJ.    This image is from
                                       the Lindsay Wise collection, via the Civil Aviation Historical Society at Essendon.