VH-BZB  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G     (c/n  9414)

                                           VH-BZB was an ex C-47A-25-DL which had seen service with the RAF as FD868.  It was
                                           civilianized in 1945 as G-AGHN and flew BOAC services until it was sold to Ansett in 1950
                                           who named it 'Ansertes', a name previously carried by their Lockheed 10A VH-UZO.  It was
                                           seconded to Butler Air Transport in the late 1950s as seen in Barry Maclean's shot on the foot
                                           of this page, taken at Essendon.  Soon after that (1958) it was sold to Thai Airways as HS-TDF. 
                                           The DC-3 was reputed to be on display at the National Science Museum in Bangkok wearing
                                           Thai Air Force markings as late the mid-1990s but its current status is not known.    For the above
                                           shot I had used an orange filter which diffused the deep red markings.   The lower shot shows it after
                                           repainting in the style adopted after the Convairs were acquired.     Butler merely took out the
                                           "Ansett" titles.