VH-BYZ  Auster J/2 Arrow                                           (c/n  2365)


                                        This J/2 Arrow was formerly G-AJRL, shipped out to Australia in May of 1950 for the Royal
                                        Queensland Aero Club.     .Gus Grulke's photo above taken at Archerfield, circa 1950 is rare
                                        since its Australian CofA had not been issued at that time.  It was later converted to a J/2 Special,
                                        wherein it had its original 75 hp Continental C75-12 engine swapped out for a 108 hp Lycoming
                                        O-235-C1 enclosed in a cowl.  Since its Australian CofA was not actually issued until May 1953,
                                        am I correct in reasoning that the conversion took three years?    Anyway, it was re-registered in
                                        the RQAC's bl;ock in February 1959 as VH-RQM.        When eventually sold off by the club in
                                       1963 it became VH-BQM(2)