VH-BQM (2)   Auster J/2 Special                              (c/n  2365)


                                        Built as regular J/2 Arrow G-AJRL, this Auster was imported in 1950 as VH-BYZ.  It had its
                                        original 75 hp Continental C75-12 engine swapped out for a 108 hp Lycoming O-235-C1
                                        enclosed in a cowl.      In 1959 it was re-registered VH-RQM and became VH-BQM(2)  
                                        in 1963.  The two shots here are from the Geoff Goodall collection.   In the upper one, taken
                                        at Darwin in October 1967 by Peter Limon it is sporting a Piper-style maroon and white paint
                                        scheme, making it look like a sort of side-by-side seating PA-11.   The shot below, by Mike
                                        Vincent, was taken some years later in December 1976 at Colac, Victoria by which time it was
                                        in a plain silver finish.   At some point in time (fairly recently) it has reverted back to VH-BYZ.,
                                        and is current as such.