VH-BVY   (1)   Avro 652A Anson 1


                                     VH-BVY at Archerfield in 1948 with agricultural seed-spreading gear installed under the mainplanes.
                                     This photograph is from the Geoff Goodall collection.   Ansons -BVX and -BVY were owned by
                                     Agriculturists Aviation Services Pty Ltd, Brisbane but the operation never got going.  VH-BVX was
                                     deemed unairworthy due to poor wood glue adhesion, and -BVY failed to get DCA approval for
                                     the agricultural mods because the engineering company engaged to make the spreading gear refused
                                     to submit its design drawings to DCA because of a payment dispute.   Consequently VH-BVY re-
                                     mained parked outside at Archerfield and eventually became derelict.