VH-BVX  Avro 652A Anson 1

                                     A Gus Grulke photograph (via Geoff Goodall) of an nondescript Anson at Archerfield, Brisbane
                                     in 1947.  Originally allocated VH-AVX, this Anson was ex RAAF LT587, ferried from the disp-
                                     osals sale at RAAF West Sale to Camden on 5 September 1946 by one of Eric McIllree's ferry
                                     pilots, Charles Eather who was soon to join the fledgling Cathay Pacific Airways while it was still
                                     named Roy Farrell Import & Export Company.  (Charles went on to gain an illustrious career with
                                     with the Hong Kong airline).    Anyway, while -BVX was waiting for civil conversion at Camden,
                                     DCA ordered all VH-AV series registrations to be changed to VH-BV, and the photo shows the
                                     marks on the fuselage silver dope where the "A" was repainted to "B".   It was one of two Ansons
                                     (see VH-BVY) purchased by Agriculturists Aviation Services Pty Ltd, Brisbane for planned agri-
                                     cultural sowing and spreading work, but neither ever entered service.    -BVX was ferried from
                                     Camden to Archerfield on 11 September 1947 but on arrival serious defects were found and it
                                     was returned to Camden to the MacQuarie Grove Flying School.     Its CofA was not renewed
                                     due to poor glue adhesion in the mainplane and tail, and it was sold to Charterflite at Camden in
                                     September 1949 for spare parts for their other Ansons.