VH-BSS  Beech 95 Travel Air                     (c/n  TD-249)


                                        The Travelair was basically a Beech G35 Bonanza with a Mentor tail and twin engines.  It was
                                        originally to have been marketed under the name 'Badger' but Beech elected to resurrect the old
                                        1929 forerunner name of Travel Air for it      Slightly over 700 of them were built between 1958
                                        and 1968.  Geoff Goodall saw this one at Shepparton, Victoria in  March 1966.  VH-DHA when
                                        new in 1959, it was another of Bib Stillwell's aircraft, and was registered to B.S.Stillwell Pty Ltd
                                        in June 1962.     Two years later it was sold to a Shepparton business and re-registered VH-BSW.