VH-BNS  Avro 652A Anson 1


                               The only illustration available (thus far) of this Anson is the above shot by Neil Follett (via Geoff
                               Goodall) depicting it at Moorabbin in April 1953 following a take-off prang.  VH-BNS was the
                               second Adastra Aerial Surveys Anson to crash at this locale (see VH-BKZ) within a three month
                               period.  Adastra's Ansons were flying engaged in large scale mapping surveys for the Victorian
                               State Government during 1952/53.    VH-BNS suffered a starboard engine failure just after takeoff
                               at a height of only 20 feet.  The aircraft was unable to climb out and struck a ditch, crossed the
                               Centre Dandenong Road only feet above the road and came to rest on its belly in a farmer's field.