VH-BHA (1)  Auster III                                    (c/n  654)


                                       This is a close up of a Charlie Pratt photo taken at Moorabbin (probably from the old Control
                                       Tower) circa 1951.  The original image appears below.      This, the first -BHA, was originally
                                       the RAF Auster III NJ834, seconded to the RAAF as A11-37, and civilianized in March 1947
                                       for the Zinc Corporation (hence the -BH, Broken Hill rego).         It was owned by the Royal
                                       Victorian Aero Club briefly from April 1950 to March 1951 in whose tail stripes it is seen in this
                                       photo.  Upon being sold by the club it was acquired by Air Agriculture Control Ltd who re-reg-
                                       istered it into their series as VH-PCR