VH-BDL    Auster IIIF                                (c/n  430)


                                      Built as an Auster AOP.3 with serial NX494, this  aircraft was seconded, new, to the RAAF as
                                      A11-32.   Civilianized in March 1948 as VH-BDL it was withdrawn from use a year later and
                                      was off the register for another year.  In 1950 owner Warren Murphy sold it to Mandated Air-
                                      lines who re-registered it VH-MAD in March 1952.  In August 1954 it became VH-FED.
                                      As such it crashed into a hangar at Wodonga Victoria on 15 January 1967.  The above shot
                                      (via Kevin OReilly) was taken by Noel Adams at Rainbow, Victoria in 1948 when the Auster
                                      was still owned by Warren Murphy..