VH-BBG  Piaggio P166                 (c/n  403)


                                Of the 110-odd Piaggio P166s built, some 15 of them found their way to Australia, and several
                                were used in New Guinea..  VH-BBG was first registered on 28 August 1961 to the Bristol
                                Aeroplane Co. (Australia) Pty. Ltd.  It was leased by East Coast Airways in 1962, in a red-and-
                                white color scheme.  In mid-1962 it was leased again, this time to Ansett-ANA, for services in
                                Central Australia, still in the red-and-white scheme.    It was then sold to Ansett-ANA in August
                                1962, delivered to Ansett-MAL in New Guinea, and re-registered VH-GOC in April 1964.  The
                                above shot was taken by Richard Maclean at Essendon in 1962.  Below is seen a rare shot by
                                Greg Banfield taken at Bankstown in January 1962 whilst -BBG was on lease to East Coast