VH-BAK  (3)    Piper PA-24-250 Comanche               (c/n  24-1016)


                                    A less than spectacular shot by Bob Neate of a Comanche at Cootamundra in March 1962.  It was
                                    owned, at the time, by Boorowa Air Services of Boorowa,  NSW.  This -BAK was actually the third
                                    iteration of the rego, the first being the DC-3 VH-EAL whose original allocation was not taken up. 
                                    I shall therefore continue to refer to the Anson as the first and this as the second.      This one was re-
                                    registered VH-SMU in July 1964 whereupon a new Pawnee immediately claimed this marking.   As
                                    a result the Comanche was then re-registered VH-FLG (November 1974).