VH-AXM  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                             (c/n 9350)


                                     This former C-47A-20-DL (42-23488) had the RAAF call sign VHCGF during WW II.       Civil-
                                     ianized in March 1947 it was MacRobertson Miller Aviation's first DC-3 after the loan of VH-AEU
                                     from DCA,    The shot above is from the Merv Prime collection, whilst in the photo below, from the
                                     Frank Colquoun collection, it is seen on the pierced steel apron at Kallang Airport in Singapore while
                                     on charter to India.  Being one of the dreaded VH-AX series, it was re-registered briefly as VH-BXM
                                     in November 1948.     A month later it became VH-MME (named Fitzroy) since by that time MMA
                                     had begun using the VH-MM series.  On 2 July 1949 it departed Perth for a night flight some 800 km
                                     to the north to Carnarvon, WA.  Immediately after take off it plunged to the ground killing all 18 souls
                                     on board.  This was Western Australia's worst civil airline accident, and the third worst in Australia at
                                     that time.  The cause of the accident was never officially made, although the centre of gravity may have
                                     been slightly aft, causing it to stall..         See Geoff Goodall's shot of the wreckage under the entry for