VH-AWD (3)   DHC-2 Beaver 1                           (c/n  1066)


                                        This was the former VH-AAJ.  As I indicated in the narrative for that earlier registration, by the
                                        time the Beaver finished its agricultural aviation days it was not only completely renovated, but
                                        also greatly modified.  These mods included an enhanced wing with boundary layer fences, an
                                        enlarged passenger cabin and a huge dorsal fairing to the fin (to counteract the side area of the
                                        amphibious floats).  The above image, by Lenn Bayliss, was taken at Henning Island in the Whit-
                                        sunday group in November 2002.  The aircraft had been acquired by Air Whitsunday Seaplanes
                                        Pty Ltd. from Coral Air in 1999.   By 2003 the fleet had been repainted with red trim in lieu of
                                        the dark blue as seen in the photograph below by Ruud Leeuw at Airlie Beach during his trip to
                                        Oz in 2005.  -AWD is still currently registered.  For a fascinating and very well put-together site
                                        featuring all sorts of interesting aircraft, especially prop-liners, visit Ruud's site at: